The Westfluegel and its artistic and organisational work is supported by

Jonas Klinkenberg
Production management / artistic direction, social media

Jonas Klinkenberg (* 1985, Giessen) studied theater science and linguistics at the University of Leipzig. He works freelance in the field of conception and realization of artistic and sociocultural projects, has accumulated experience with press and public relations in various projects, was a management director and is active as a freelance artist. He has worked with the Swedish SU-EN Butoh Company (2006-2014), for the festival and congress "kultur | standort.bestimmung" (2015) and for the international festival of arts "Raster.Beton" (2016). His own works include "Dilemma. Eine begehbare Zwickmühle "(2016, Leipzig), "Rabe. Chronik eines Halunken" (Crabs & Creatures, directed by Jonas Klinkenberg, Janne Weirup, Leipzig in 2017), the performance series Kosmok (since 2015) and the installation-project "neon palace" (with Stefan Wenzel, 2017). Jonas Klinkenberg has been active in various functions for the Westfluegel since 2008. He currently serves as a board member and is active in the production and artistic management.

Matthias Schiffner
Press and public relations


Janne Weirup
Production management, dramaturgy

Janne Weirup (* 1986, near Hamburg) studied theater and political sciences in Leipzig. She is, inter alia, working for the Westflügel as a freelance dramaturge, director and production manager. Together with the Teatr Węgajty, she has participated in many excursions to South and East-Polish border regions since 2011, where she has been moving between traditional rites and contemporary theaters in the context of socio-cultural theater projects. She is part of the artistic direction of the at.tension theater festival as well as an employee of the music and art festival Fusion.

She was involved in the directing and dramaturgical work in the productions "Die Empfindsamkeit der Giganten" (Acting: Michael Vogel, Christoph Bochdansky / Music: Charlotte Wilde / Director: Gyula Molnár), "Rabe. Chronik eines Halunken" (Crabs & Creatures / Director: Jonas Klinkenberg, Janne Weirup / Premiere 2017 in Leipzig).

Dana Sinaida Ersing
Project management froelich & herrlich, Coordination of volunteers

Dana Ersing (*1985, Stuttgart) studied Conference Interpreting for Spanish and English at the University of Leipzig. Her professional and personal interests have led her to spending time abroad in Cuba, Spain and most recently in Chile, where she taught interpreting and translation at Universidad de Concepción. In Leipzig, she worked as a freelance interpreter from 2010 to 2016 and conducted psychological studies at the Max Planck Institute. Since 2014, she has been supporting Westflügel, among other things, in the coordination of volunteers and by organizing the cultural program of the theater bar froelich & herrlich. Through regular workshops in the theater field and many years of experience as an instructor and actor of improv-theater, she was able to gather a broad base of knowledge within the theater field and among other things developed with Jonas Klinkenberg "Dilemma. Eine begehbare Zwickmühle“ (2016, Leipzig). In late 2015, she founded "Kontaktstelle Wohnen", a project which supports refugees in Leipzig in the search for self-determined housing.

Thilo Neubacher
Photo / video


Emily Zuch