Hippos 760x380

In a world where animals and people live together, we encounter hippopotamuses that choose a middle path. Are the humans disguised as the animal they wear? Or are they hippos that are searching for themselves inside of the individual that inhabits their body? Join these hippos on a physical journey that could be a fable, a metaphor, the preliminary reflection for a doctoral thesis on humanity and animality or, simply, a chance for all audiences to find themselves, and be a little lonelier, but in better company.

By Quim Bigas

To be a hippo is to understand that we are dangerous animals if someone wants to take on what we are.
To be a hippo is to demand that you not be taken by surprise.To be a hippo is to go wild.
To be a hippo is to be multiple. To go on being.
To be a hippo is to reevaluate loneliness in company.
To be a hippo implies letting be.

(Pause) ...

Touching the plastic, caressing it, wearing white trainers, accepting the complexity of being present in a structure that demands more practice than interpretation...looking out your nose and feeling with every inch of your body... letting movement ring...

... Wherever it wants to. Wherever they let us.

ZUM-ZUM Teatre
ZUM-ZUM is an artistic project that, since the year 1994, has been dedicated to the creation, production and diffusion of works of theatre for all audiences. The headquarters of the project is located in the city of Lleida and its activity extends throughout all of Catalo-nia and Spain, while seeking out more touring circuits in the rest of Europe and the world. During this time, the company has produced 18 shows, performing them on more than 4,500 occasions. The most recent shows of the company are: The Shirt of the Happy Man, The Girl that Lived in a Shoebox, and The Hen that Laid the Golden Egg. Under the artistic direction of Ramon Molins, ZUM-ZUM has always sought to make each and every one of its shows into a unique, one-of-its-kind experience that expands the limits of imagination and challenges the way in which the young and the old alike view the world through the lens of theatre. Now, with the help of the ICEC, and its long-term support for the development of theatre projects, it has established its headquarters in MARBI, a buzzing, creative space shared with other companies and professionals who exchange their mutual support, their experiences and their resources to improve their creative processes.