Jacqueline Boom-Boom's LoveAttack Tour | f & h

LoveAttack Tour 2018-2019

Performing both electronic hits and introducing the very Special Guest, Leipzig band, Zuloopole & singing also a few new songs with them.
A Night Not To Be Missed!
A new & fresh performance full of color, vibrancy, and Love-Love-Love...

About Jackie:

A Creature of Light & Music, I'm guided by the Love within as I write, sing & perform happy-crazy electronic music. For the last 2 years, I have been thankful for colorful performances in underground & bigger clubs/bars/open airs in my beloved home-base (Leipzig), and other cities in Germany. A Jackie Boom-Boom musical-journey, sparkles with homemade sets & costumes, dancers, powerful & playful vocals & surprises at each show. It is a place & space where we feel, sing, hear, and share Infinite Love for Each Other & The Universe!

Eintritt = Hut*

*damit ist gemeint, dass der Eintritt auf Spenden basiert. Viele der im F&H auftretenden KünstlerInnen leben von ihrer Kunst und/oder haben Anreisekosten. Wir bitten also darum, einen angemessenen und für euch bezahlbaren Betrag in den Hut zu legen. Danke!

Fr 20. Sep 2019 | 19.00 Uhr