Production : Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté en coproduction avec Les Brigittines - Centre d’Art contemporain du Mouvement de la Ville de Bruxelles
Thank you to all the participants who sent in their videos!

Due to the current situation Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté unfortunately wasn't able to be on the Westflügel stage with "Whispers - Birth of a Phantom"  on the 28th and 29th of May 2020. Nevertheless, Nicole Mossoux sent a video message from Belgium inviting you to participate in a short improvisation. Furthermore, the compagnie is sharing the short film "Harpya" with us, one of the inspirations for "Whispers" and provides us with a cinematic adaption of their show "Light!":

Tutorial "The Ghost Hand"

As we cannot yet join you to perform in Leipzig, we thought we might ask you to it by sending us a short filmed improvisation that is related to the theme and language developed in our production Whispers. The improvisation is called « The Ghost Hand ».

In Whispers, a woman is haunted by invisible presences that manifest themselves through sounds and protuberances appearing on her body. The main character is manipulated by these family ghosts, offsprings of longlasting secrets and unspoken truths.

The goal of the improvisation is to try and recreate independence between your hands and your head, as if they did not belong to the same body or as if your body has inhabited by several people. So independence, but also interdependence!

You can start from everyday gestures. Try to make them clear and readable. You can repeat, change the rhythm or amplify the movement, creating some mystery… Try to make the space that separates one hand, then the other, from your head, face and skull concrete, like an electrical flow between two poles.  All your movements should start from the relation between your hands and your head, never from another part of your body like your elbows or shoulders. Be careful not to mime, the purpose is to suggest emotions, memories, not to describe a real situation. We do not have to understand the story, but to feel something. What’s most important is the feeling of strangeness you create.

Think of the space you film yourself in, how you dress, the atmosphere you create, but stay simple. You can use music if you want, but remain silent.

Your film should last max. 2min 30sec, you can send it here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It will be published in the gallery you can find below on this site.

We hope to see you soon!

 Harpya - An inspiration for Whispers

Harpya (1979) is a short animated film by Belgian director Raoul Servais. Both dark and whimsical, the movie relates the encounter of a man with an invasive Harpy, mythological female monster, half-bird, half-woman, who destroys everything in her path. This figure has inspired one of the incarnations in the production Whispers (2015). At one point, the main character borrows the chimera her claws and ferocity. She is one of the “ghosts” that haunt her, making her act against her will.

You can watch the video here


Light! (2003) is a condensed video of the homonymous production by the Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté. The movie is directed by Patrick Lemy who said of the show that it reminded him of his childhood fears of being locked in a basement.

A woman is chased by her own multiform shadow like an outgrowth of her interiority, exposing her hidden feelings. All the shadows are created live (we did not use any videos in the performance) by standing in the way of the light with body and costumes.

Concept and interpretation Nicole Mossoux, Choreography and direction Patrick Bonté et Nicole Mossoux, Original music Christian Genet, Scenography Jean-Claude De Bemels et Mikha Wajnrych, Costumes Colette Huchard, Make-up Jean-Pierre Finotto, Technical direction Pierre Stoffyn, Film director Patrick Lemy, Director of photography and framing Jean-Jacques Mathy, Stage manager Thomas Béni et Mikha Wajnrych, Stagehand Tan Van Tham, Film editor Patrick Lemy, Remix and mastering Gérald Fenerberg, Special effects Michèle Squarci

You can watch the video here


Gallery of "The Ghost Hand"

Thank you for participating and sharing your improvisations!


"The Ghost Hand" #24 - Fatou Traoré 

"The Ghost Hand" #23 - Elodie Paternostre

"The Ghost Hand" #22 Shantala Pèpe

"The Ghost Hand" #21 Barbara Pereyra

"The Ghost Hand" #20 - Justine Lebas


"The Ghost Hand" #19 - Sonia Pastecchia

"The Ghost Hand" #18 - Mahaut and Zoé Counet 


"The Ghost Hand" #17 - Agnès Limbos

"The Ghost Hand" #16 - Bénédicte Davin

"The Ghost Hand" #15 - Ives Thuwis


"The Ghost Hand" von Antonin De Bemels


"The Ghost Hand" #13 - Lisou De Henau

"The Ghost Hand" #12 -  Juan Benítez


"The Ghost Hand" #11 - Christine Desfeuillet


"The Ghost Hand" #10 - Jean Fürst


"The Ghost Hand" #9 - Dorian Chavez

"The Ghost Hand" #8 - Isabelle Lamouline

"Die Geisterhand" #7 - Franck Baal

"The Ghost Hand" #6 - Miriam Ellenbroek

"The Ghost Hand" #5 - Jan Jedenak

"The Ghost Hand" #4 - Candy Saulnier

"The Ghost Hand" #3 - Fernando Martin


"The Ghost Hand" #2 - Manon Dumonceaux

"The Ghost Hand" #1 - Sébastien Chollet