The Idea

The Westfluegel is a place for creativity, innovation and exchange.
The centre of the artistic work is the theatre of animation, a contemporary form of puppet theatre in which the fine arts and the performing arts come together. The theatrical basis of a production is always the animation of inanimate materials. Starting from this central principle, the whole range of theatrical experiences is possible, from plays based on literary texts to visual or experimental theatre. The connections to the other arts are manifold: music, dance, fine arts and audio-visual media are just as important in puppetry as language, literature and acting. The audience’s power of imagination is necessary and significant: only by an intensive dialogue between the player and the spectator, mediated through the puppet, can the animation come true. This interaction between player and public through the medium of a material is in the first instance visual and not oral, therefore an intensive intercultural communication is possible, both with the audience and between artists. In view of this the development of the genre isn’t restricted linguistically and culturally, but can derive its strength from co-operation between artists from different countries.

In workshops, new productions, rehearsals, installations and exhibitions which deal with the place as a source of inspiration, the Westfluegel wants to support creativity. All artistic work takes place in an exchange with the audience: In the personal atmosphere of the house real meetings are possible. The program also aims to open the process of the artistic research: In tryout performances or presentations after workshops, the audience can follow the process of theatre productions.


Hähnelstr. 27
04177 Leipzig
+49 (0) 341 / 2 60 90 06


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